Friday, June 14, 2013

Trash from the Past - today was a 2-nail day

Ever since we moved my house on to the farm, I walk pretty much the same path from my kitchen door to mom and dad's door.  Everytime I do this I actually look where I am walking, especially where we have a driving path between the houses.  It actually circles mom and dad's house but there it is in between our houses and I have to walk right through it to come and go between the houses.  When we first moved the house onto the farm, I started to notice rusty old nails.  These are not just laying around, they are buried in the dirt and only the constant traffic of the vehicles, the wind, the rains washing down the incline and dad shoving snow around in winter with the blade on the tractor are these rusty old nails unearthed.  At first, we got a tin can because by the time I would make one pass through this area I would have a handful of nails.  Eventually we got the majority of them picked up but every so often more appear.  These nails and other metal things have to be at least 50 years old if not pushing 80 years old.  Some are newer, you can tell by the condition of the metal.  One time I actually found an old spoon! 

So from here on out, I am going to post  just a comment on my trip across the driveway by how many nails I found.

So a few weeks ago I left mom's and made a bee line to my car to put something in it. . . there on the ground were 6 nails of varying sizes - so that was a 6-nail day.

Today, after it rained a little bit last night, on the way back from mom and dad's it was a 2-nail day.  Right there beside each other. . .. always in the same general area.  If I get industrious I will take the tape measure out and measure the area where these ancient artifacts are found and give you an idea of what kind of grid I am working in. 

Now it must be noted that I also walk from my house over to the quonset and that follows the same round about driveway.  I have found nails and metal things all over the farm yard.  If I go up around the wind breaks and the hydrants, I can find bigger pieces of old metal.  So you see, in essences I am cleaning up after my grandfather because I don't want nails in the tires of the cars we drive and frankly, just tossing things on the ground like that is just not right.  I might even post a picture of the "dig site."