Friday, June 21, 2013

First day of Summer on the farm

I had full intentions of pulling weeds this morning and watering gardens.  However, what was supposed to be a relatively short trip to town took up the whole morning and by the time I got home to the farm it was too hot for pulling weeds or watering gardens.   So this evening I took a walk after the sun had cooled to a balmy 80-something (high today was 100-something) and got hoses set up on my pumpkin patches for an evening of soaking.  
 Apparently the snake patrol has begun.   I can't believe I didn't step on the bull snake.  It was all stretched out right in my walkway next to the hose I grabbed to hook up one of the soaker hoses. Good golly miss molly!!!! At least it was not a rattler. Course when I tried to grab the snake with the rake it slithered off under a tree and it was not towards the windbreak row next to the field which is where I wanted it to go. Now I have to pay attention and watch for snakes laying around.  
Might be a good idea if I took time to put on something other than flip flops for running around and checking water just in case.  
On a much happier note and very exciting to me as it is an annual reminder of my childhood -- I saw my first firefly of the season.  I was so excited!  Just the one.  I had gone back out to turn off the soaker hoses and start the drip line on the windbreak trees.  That was a wonderful way to end my last trip outside.  I think tomorrow night I will apply the necessary insect repellant and sit out on the deck and watch for fireflies.  That is just as fun as going out and watching the stars for the Perseid meteor shower.
Never ending excitement here.