Friday, June 7, 2013

A good day on the farm

Pumpkins are planted!!!  I am so excited.  Looking forward to chocolate pumpkins (Musquee de Providence) and ghosts (Lumier) and sugar pies and of course the itty bitty ones - baby boo, jack b little and some kind of striped mini that we need to come up with a cute name for!

Dad and I worked after lunch on getting the drip lines untangled, checked for leaks and replaced drippers as needed.  With the drought that we have had the windbreak is really beginning to suffer.  So we will be getting all rows set up with either soaker hose or drip hose and get them some much needed drinks of water.

Of course being outside in the sunshine helps me work on my farmer's tan!

Alligator pictures coming soon.  I hope to have them in the morning as the native cats are getting very restless with these guys hanging around.  I wish they would scare off the tresspassing animals that keep sneaking up at night and eating the outside cat food.  I suspect opossum but so far have not seen it to verify my suspicions.

Green beans look FABULOUS and the cucumbers and tomatoes are growing splendidly.  Hopefully by this time next week will have 9 hills of squash plants pushing up through the dirt. 

Planting is done - well except for the few cannas, dalias and gladiolas that I bought today. . . but those will be in this weekend.  After that it is weeding and watering!