Thursday, June 27, 2013

Orange Spider Ring invasion

What is that lurking around the corner in my office?  It is a feared orange spider ring.  These little guys have infested my carpet.  I never see them on the wall or on the ceiling or dangling from the corner of something.  No they are always on the floor and they play dead a lot until some unsuspecting cat - like Tassi-cat comes along and then the fight is on.

First it is the sneak up on you and pretend to be sleeping move that Tassi-cat uses.  Very effective except that spider ring is poised to strike and Tassi-cat knows that the spider is watching her closely.  Pretty soon there is a ruckus and the chase is on.  Tassi-cat bats it from the right, then throws a punch from the left only to have the spider ring fly across the floor to the corner as if it is retreating to a safe haven.  But no, Tassi-cat spies it and pounces bringing the spider ring out from its hiding place in her mouth.  The might hunter has caught its prey and she proudly lays it on the floor next to me. 

She gives it a gentle pat with her paw to make sure it is dead but it is not.  It rears up again as if to strike and she deals another harrowing paw punch and it goes rolling out in the hallway.  By now, Shuey and Nino have gathered along the wall to see what all the commotion is about and there goes the orange spider right by them at Mach-5 rolling as fast as it can to get away.  Before you know it, Tassi-cat has lost track of her prey and she pats me on the leg with her front paw as if to say - "Did you see where my toy went?"  She is very insistent, TAP - TAP - TAP - (looks at me with a very stern face as if to say) "Mom where did that orange spider ring go?"

She finally gives up trying to communicate with me telepathically.  I am sure she is thinking what a dork, mom is supposed to be able to read my mind and know what it is that I am trying to say.  She decides a nap is in order and collapses in a heap of fur, stretches to her full length and then rolls over and goes to sleep.  After all, hunting the dreaded, fierce, orange spider ring is a lot of hard work and it always seems to get away to a safe spot in another part of the house.  Always lying in wait under the table or next to a chair leg, just waiting to be discovered so this game of cat and spider can resume once again with the spider managing to escape to safety.

As a side note - I did find one orange spider ring in the living room that had lost 3 of its legs with another one almost broke completely off its body.  So that one may not live to see another round with Tassi-cat or Shuey or whomever decides to play the game of the Mighty Spider ring Hunter.