Saturday, June 22, 2013

3 outfit day. . . . . sweat and dirt!

Snake Update - I think it was the same snake - hissing up a storm all coiled up in an old tire up by the garden shed. We have a bunch of old ones stacked up there and he was in one on the bottom. I covered the opening it with a piece of OSB so the cats would not be tempted to mess with it. Snakes bite and I didn't need any fur kids getting bit.

Garden update - west garden is mulched and weeded (again). Mulching all done. I also got 2 of the 3 pumpkin patches weeded as well. Will finish the last patch in the morning, and get all 3 mulched to preserve moisture and cut down on the weeds.

Deck update - decided I would repaint the upper East deck. Can't remember when we did it the first time but all the paint is about wore off. I have to wash and sand and dig the stuff out from in between the boards but I managed to get about 1/3 prepped and painted today. The color - Japanese Maple. Think of a dark red wine color with purple hues. I had almost a gallon of it so that is why it is that color. Us it or lose it. . . .   I hope to have this project done by the end of June!  The paint having polyurethane takes longer to dry even in the Kansas heat and wind and minimal humidity.  The end plan is to replace the boards with composite decking but that is a project one must save money to do.

Mowed several sections of the farm as well.  Have several more sections to water.  Gardens all have had their drinks now and the plants should be happy with the water and the warm sunshine to make them grow big.  
 Three outfit changes because after each activity I had to remove a layer of dirt, put on dry shirts and pants and once I knew I was done getting dirty, a shower was a welcomed activity.  The cats played outside and are currently all crashed in their various spots around the house.  Not sure what they did that made them so tired.  Several were "monitoring or supervising" the garden activities this morning.  No help with the weeds or mulching but they were there to inspect the progress and meow their cheers or instructions or complaints - I never know for sure what is being said!
Firefly watching from the deck to close out the evening.  Several were flashing their lights in the yard.  It is fun to try to track where they flit to between each flash of light.  Very similar to watching a meteor shower just a lot closer to the ground.  
*Nancy W.