Monday, June 3, 2013

A rabbit-proofed garden. . .

Today I got the garden gate built that completes the rabbit proofing system of the west garden.  This is the only garden that is rabbit proofed because those little bunnies seem to think my cucumbers and green beans are there just for them.  They don't bother the pumpkins or the squash or anything else - and certainly not the weeds!

I am hoping that the baby green bean plants and the newly hatched cucumbers are safe and sound in their dirt blankets where they can grow big and strong and produce an abundance of absolutely yummy veggies for me to eat all winter long.  I am determined to make more dill pickles.  Maybe I should go to a couple auctions to see about getting another frig for the quonset to store my pickles in.  Now I need to learn how to grow dill and keep it safe so the birds don't eat it before it matures.

Green beans on top, cucumbers with the soaker hose snaking through them.  There are 6 rows of green beans just scattered about like that in an area/row that is as wide as the rake tines.  There is a big u-shape line of cucumbers with 3 different kinds, each in their own section of the U.  This way, I can get into the U to pick as long as they don't crowd out my walk-way.  If you look closely at the garden gate picture, you can see the hose snaking around the cucumbers.  To the left of that are the 6 rows of green beans and those buckets in the background, those are the tomatoes!