Friday, June 28, 2013

New feature for posts. . ..

I don't seem to be getting much comments but I know there are a few of you loyal readers out there.  I have added a "reaction" app that shows up at the bottom of each post.  I have looked back, it was added to all posts so if you read back through things you will see it back to the start of this little blog.  Please click the appropriate reaction to each story.  I don't want to just put my stories out there without a little bit of feedback.  You don't have to comment on each story unless you really want to.  Some of you email me separately and that is fine, I love being able to strike up a conversation like that.

There is a feature that is there to become a follower by email.  I am not sure how that works.  When I get done with this post I am going to use one of my other email addresses to see if I get an email notifying me of a new post.

If you like the stories and feel inclined to share with people who you know might like some fun reading material, please pass on the website to them. 

So let me know you enjoy the blog.  Email me or leave me a reaction to a post, whatever you are inclined to do.  I check emails and blog daily to see if anything has changed or if anyone has something to share with me.

I appreciate all readers to my blog and hope that you will continue to find some enjoyment and giggles along the way.  Remember, the picture in the background will change as things on the farm change.  I am planning to update it this weekend to show the wheat's progress towards harvest.  If I can, I will even try to get a picture during harvest with the combine chewing up the wheat and spitting out the straw so check back frequently. 

You might even find yourself seeing a part of NW Kansas farm life called going to the cabin to get out of the hot July weather. . . . pictures will be coming of that adventure!