Friday, September 27, 2013

Today's Challenge - Build before it starts to rain!

My building projects for today are Wine Bottle Tree and Floating Haunted Hallway Wall.

First on the block is the wine bottle tree.  I started with an old 4x4 we had in the quonset.  Please pay special attention to step #6 as it is a whole other story in this project.

Step 1:  Gather up the tools. 

What I needed were my new 1-1/4 inch paddle bit, tape measure, marker, the electric drill in the picture, a wine bottle (for checking depth), a cup of coffee cause I had not had one yet, the camera so you all can see what is going on today, and the broom to clean up the mess I am about to make. 

Before bringing the 4x4 from the quonset to the deck and my house, I had to cut off a little bit - with dad's help.  Then we used the post to pry a 2x4 from its position over dad's deck because we have been forecasted to have 50-60 mph winds at some point today or maybe tonight.  Best to get all tarps down, lawn mowers covered up and other hatches battened down.

Step 2:  Take post into house and place in location and mark spots with X with a magic marker.  Bring back out to work deck to begin drilling.  When I got to the house with my newly cut 4x4 I realized that the measurement I took before heading out to the quonset was not what the tape said so now I have about an inch or so more cut off than I had intended.  Oh well, I will figure that problem out later, sometimes I wonder why my brain can't look at the tape and see the right numbers.

Step 3:  Start drilling holes at a steep angle so that the wine bottles will slide in neck first and be up at a 45 degree angle - at least that is the intention.

Step 4:  Stop and check for proper depth and angle.  Repeat drilling until desired depth achieved.  Work on a better angle on neck hole.

Step 5:  Keep making holes, there are 8 marks on this board.  Stop at halfway point to check holes for depth, angle and clear out the residual sawdust.

Step 6:  Stop after 4 holes to check progress.  Unknowingly change the drill direction to backwards.  When I start drilling hole #5 get frustrated because suddenly the paddle bit is not working correctly and it looks like I am trying to start a fire with smoke wafting up out the attempted hole.  Go get dad and see why the bit would wear out that fast and what can be done to sharpen it back up.  Get set up with 2 files and another bit just in case.  Go back to work area and try each bit sharpening each time I stop to check for any progress.  Try a different mark to see if maybe I am hitting a knot in the wood. Continue to try to start the 4x4 on fire.  Drink more coffee and get exasperated with self and tools.  Sit down and get ready to switch out blade once again, turn drill over and notice that the button is not in the forward position.  WHAT?  are you serious?  Don't tell me I just spent all this time trying to drill hole #5 backwards?  Well no wonder the damn bit would not do its job as it is intended.  I think one of the cats must have snuck by and switched it when I was stopping for a coffee break and to check my progress and clean sawdust out the first 4 holes.

Step 7:  With all tools correctly positioned start drilling remaining 4 holes.  HOLY COW that works so much faster.  In no time at all I have the last 4 holes drilled.  Then I had to clear out more saw dust but at least I had those darn holes drilled and done.  I decided since I made such a mess with my backwards hole drilling I had better give it a splash of pain to try to cover up my missed marks and camouflage my mistakes.  Gravestone gray is what is handy so that is what I used.

Step 8:  Let dry and get started on next project which because of the wind meant I needed to roll up the Wildcat purple sun shade we have had down all summer long to keep the house cool and help with the afternoon and evening sun that streams in so hot through the French doors.  This roll up then allowed me to get the materials gathered for the next construction project - the Floating Haunted Hallway Wall.

Step 9:  Once dry, take post inside and figure out how to deal with measuring screw up.  I think a nice lean up against the end of the top kitchen cabinets and secured under the old stove that holds the cauldron will work just fine.  Start placing wine bottles in the holes.  Hey that doesn't look too bad.
Step 8:  Those bones in the cauldron would look much better up on the tree, so the hot glue gun is gotten out, plugged in and when it was hot and ready to go I started gluing dem bones on the tree.

I think I need more bones, but for now, this will work.  I need to find something to do with the very top, still working that out but here is the spooky wine bottle tree rack that I made this morning.

Halloween decorating update:  2 containers inside the house remain to be unpacked and their contents placed about.  The table has been expanded and the table cloth is in place so I might be able to get one container done later tonight.

Still need to make 3 or 4 hanging spider egg pods and move the yard spider to front and center.  Then I need to spider web the grave yard and get the floating hallway that was constructed just before lunch hung in its spot and the haunting covering over it.  No pressure, just have a meeting here at the house on October 1 so have a bit of a deadline to get done. 

Ghosts remain in their container and will not go down the driveway until Sunday at the earliest and possibly Monday late morning.

Say goodbye to September.  The next post will be after all decorating is done for Nancy's Halloween House and the pictures will begin.  So far the cats have not done much to anything put out, they know their allowed spots and I don't decorate those areas so they still have choices.