Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween House preparations have started!!!!

Those of you who read this blog and know me, know that the comment above has me so excited!!!!  Today, Jim - my wonderful husband - assisted me in making a GRRR face with red rope lights on the end of the house.  This will go with the Eyeball lights he insisted on purchasing at our recent trip to Menards.  Each eye will be located in a window on the south end of the house so that even at night, from the highway, you will think there is something ominous looking back at your from the darkness - at least that is the effect we are going for.

After this was accomplished, we proceeded to fencing the graveyard. . . . Granted that it is just an old pig fence that we have used in the gardens in years past but what it will become will be fabulous.  I have plans for 3 dead trees and of course, grave markers.  I will be getting those made over the next couple of weeks.  Now that I have devised a way to secure them and not let the Kansas winds blow them over I am ready to get creative. 

Anyway, the mere mention of dead trees got Jim excited and off to get the chainsaw he went.  The next thing you know I had more work piling up that I had not planned on.  Never mind the dead tree branches I wanted for my dead trees in the graveyard.  The oak trees along the drive way got their very much needed trimming first.  5 truck loads later I had that cleared and a pile of oak branches to cure over the winter for spring firewood.  That was what dad said anyway. 

Once we had the tree limbs cleared out I was able to retrieve the 3 dead limbs I wanted to for the cemetery.  Next task will be to dig holes to plant them in and then get the shovel and move some dirt so I have some actual graves.  Here is how it looks at the start of the project.  Another phase will be spider webbing the fence and making some sort of creepy, creaky gate to walk through.

Sien-Zu checking out the dead tree before it gets planted.

The makings of a graveyard right next to my house.  That pile of dirt will be graves soon enough, one is even planned to be open with the casket and Marcus the Carcus posing as in progress of being buried.