Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The calm before the storm.

That is what I feel like I have been in.  The garden is starting to slow down a little bit.  I am also having to divide my time available during the week between getting geared up for Halloween season and the finishing of garden season and helping dad finish his deck cover project.  Sometimes I think I take on more than I can manage and sometimes something suffers. 

At this time, it is the garden suffering.  I need to go pick cucumbers.  I can't eat all that are in my veggie drawer in the frig and I probably have enough to fill it again out there in the garden that need to be picked. 

I have Halloween decorations going up.  Sunday will be a big day as I have a friend coming over to assist me.  I have been slowing taking the regular stuff off the walls and have placed a few things where I want them this year or if they are new they have found their spot to start off.  That gets them out of the shopping bag and off my dining room table.  I still need to do some cleaning of the ceiling fan in the kitchen and find a better place to store the ghost heads I have been saving as under the cabinet will eventually be something lurking - a kitchen monster of sorts. 

I also need to get the carpets cleaned sometime before my first tour which is now set for Oct 8 with another group from that same school coming on the 9th. 

Of course that also means, I am going to have to get busy making witch fingers and monster toes because little ones need a snack and if you visit a witch you must eat something spooky.

So to my faithful followers I ask that you be patient with me as posts may be a bit sparse over the next couple of weeks.  I will be spending a lot of time on getting the farm SPOOKIFIED so that I can enjoy it and start taking pictures of the finished product to share with you all.  I know that if you were close by you would come see this sight for yourself, and maybe some day you can, but for now, I will try to give you a good photographic depiction of Nancy's Halloween House.