Friday, September 13, 2013

A Graveyard in progress

I started working the large pile of dirt I had dumped in the area where I planned to put my graveyard.  Last weekend Jim and I got the fence placed and secured.  We also got 3 dead trees brought over but I needed to soften the ground where they were to be planted so I started the sprinkler on a slow drip in the first spot.

Tuesday I was able to move dirt and create 3 of 6 grave mounds.  Wednesday it started to rain.  And it continued to rain on Thursday and still was raining this morning (Friday).  Now I have a small pond in the middle of my graveyard.  My pile of dirt is a pile of MUD.  But the good news is I should be able to dig me some tree planting holes without much difficulty.

Since it was still raining on Friday morning, I decided I might as well get busy making the headstones for the graves and at least get them cut and painted with their base coat so that I will be ready to give them some dead body information by the end of the weekend.  Of course, I run out of paint half way through the 5th headstone.  So I had to make a run to town to get another can of spray paint.  I guess I will finish that up tomorrow now.