Monday, September 9, 2013

A monster invades the farm

Sunday afternoon we had a visitor to the farm.  Just a neighbor gentleman who has been a long time friend and fishing buddy of my dad's.  I grew up with his kids, a couple of them worked at our pizza shop in town in the 80s and one was even in my high school graduating class.  He lost his wife a few years back and has made the decision with the support of his adult kids to get remarried.  So he brought over his new fiance to meet my parents and just visit.  Nothing out of the ordinary really.  Ice tea was enjoyed with fresh chocolate chip cookies topped off with a round of pool in the basement.  After Tony and his fiance got back to Tony's place he called back to mom and dad's.  Come over and get a half a cantaloupe that he pulled out of his garden patch.  Mom and dad drove over to Tony's and came back with the monster below.  Unfortunately, both dad and I are allergic to it and Jim does not like the fruit so that leaves mom and she shares with grandma. 

We failed to weigh this monster before mom got to cutting it up but the rinds filled 2 ice cream buckets (the 5-quart kind) and mom had 3 containers filled of cubes that probably weighed about 4-5 pounds.