Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day - is that no labor or yes labor?

I can honestly say that I never know for sure if I am supposed to labor or not on Labor Day.  As long as I have been a transcriptionist, if my schedule included the first Monday of September I manned my post at the computer during my scheduled shift looking for work and clearing it as fast as it comes in.  When I was not scheduled for transcription, I still generally had something that needs to be done, mowing, weeding of gardens, picking the fruits of my labor in the gardens, or just general labor.

So today is no different except that I am laboring double duty.  I am scheduled to work on my transcription and I have been doing labor around the farm.  I mowed around the gardens. 

Jim and I went to North Platte Menards yesterday for a little Labor Day Sale shopping.  

3 new deck boards
solar lights
kitty litter
16 inch patio blocks

Then there was the unscheduled meander through the already displayed Halloween section.  Jim fell in love with a pair of lights that look like huge eyes which meant if we purchased them we needed to get rope light so we can put the face on the end of the house.  SOOOO . . back to lighting for rope lights.  Of course there were the necessary purple and orange mini lights and a new skull head.  Might as well grab another box or 3 of screws - composite decking, 2 inch deck and 3 inch deck screws got added to the cart.  None of this was on the shopping list.  Loaded up the Expedition with our purchases, had a lovely lunch at Whiskey Creek and came home.

Today we unloaded the Expedition, 16" blocks - all 12 of them - and got the 3 boxes of kitty litter.  I had pretty much gotten the rest of the items out later on Sunday because I wanted to get my solar light ready for staging.  

Deck phase #27 - I have no idea really what phase the deck is in.  The west deck had 3 boards that suffered firewood tossing damage last winter so those got replaced.  Now we have stripes on our deck.  The other boards are faded to the natural color of a sunwashed beige.

Solar lights are assembled, set and solar panel charging. 

Rope lights need something to attach them to the house.  So into town we go to get the right kind of tool for the job.  Might as well get a package for the rope lights and a package for the wires on the solar lights so it is all neatly tucked away.

Guess that is enough labor for one day.  Maybe I should go check and see if I actually have work in any of my accounts.  Tomorrow it is back to the regular schedule, whatever that is, for me it is just another day closer to October and me without a graveyard started yet.