Saturday, September 7, 2013

Garden is plentiful!

Today we picked zucchini - always start there because as you can see, we generally find the monster sized ones in that patch. . . by the time we got done picking the zucchini, the cart was nearly full.  We went ahead and went to the cucumber patch - and we saw those red things hanging on the tomato plant.  We picked them too!!!  Have 1 more not quite ripe and quite a few have set on and are growing.  So excited to see tomatoes finally.  We eat the cherry ones as fast as they ripen.  Cucumbers finished filling in the holes and voids the zucchini left. 

When we got back to the deck I called mom, said bring you sack, 10 for a dollar and the first 10 are free!!!

She got the tomatoes, some cucumbers and the smaller zucchini that you cannot see from here.  Then a bit later, after we had moved the cart into the house before the temperature hit 100, she got one of the monster zucchinis and grated/shredded it for bread and cake. . . said it was so moist the water was just dripping out off the grater.

Tomorrow I have got to make mock apple crunch again!  I need to pick green beans and I need to put out some more solar pickles.