Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why didn't that hail storm do my mowing for me?

If I live as long as my grandmother's I will never understand how hail storms can "mow" down a garden, or a field, but does it mow the grass or the weeds, not really.

I spent Friday and today mowing the farm.  All this drippy, wet weather we have been having has made the weeds grow at a speed that could be clocked at Mach 2.  The buffalo grass is just happy to be green instead of its usual brown this time of year when it tends to go into its dormant state because of the lack of moisture.  Most of my flowers were spared the carnage from the hail because they were protected by the house or the decks. 

So I have trimmed, mowed, pulled, and even shoveled up all the weeds.  The other afternoon I started with my 3 5-gallon buckets on my childhood wagon, and a shovel.  It was time to clear goat head stickers from the road and along the driveway so our tires were not redistributing them for plants next year.  Dad saw me go by the window and so he came out to see what I was doing.  He grabbed his shovel and joined in.  That made that job go a lot faster. 

Friday morning after I got home from a zippy quick trip to McCook so Grandma and I could get our blood drawn for our scheduled lab tests I mowed until dad showed up with Grandma's old Chevy truck.  This is a great truck for projects because it has a hydraulic lift bed.  So back into Nebraska I went to get 1.5 tons of road gravel for my projects around the deck and dad's project of putting in a new retaining wall. 

Tomorrow I am going to go pull the remnants of the cucumber plants and pick green beans if there are any to pick.