Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well it isn't pretty but it is functional - wood corral

There it is.  The wood corral.  You may ask what the wall is made of to the left.  I will tell you.  Most of that is my old cement lap board siding that we saved.  Next spring I plan to get a can of spray paint and paint this side of it so it is not so barren and ugly.  The other side, facing north is what was facing out on the house and is white.  I don't see it so I don't care what color it is.  That pile of wood is the pile from the other day out in the middle of the yard.  We have kindling in 2 cardboard boxes under the blue tarp and in the orange bucket are smaller branches that will also be used to help start a few fires.  We have another pile to the left of the picture that needs to be cut to size and then split.  That should come close to filling that up.  We also have a hefty pile of cedar across from the house that should end up being at least that amount if not more.  Stacking higher is an option but not by much.  We want to be able to transfer from this pile to the deck. 

That was Sunday morning's activity.