Friday, August 9, 2013

Hail is for the woosey gardens!

Checked out the gardens again tonight.  I swear the zucchini look better than they did before the hail.  Lots of new growth.  No fruit yet but there are blooms so maybe next weekend there will be some. 

I also found a lone ghost pumpkin in that patch.  Not very big and kind of pitted a bit.  Blooms elsewhere on the vines so we will keep an eye out there. 

The cucumbers are holding their own, lots of blooms, little new leaves emerging from the skeletal looking vines.  I picked a couple of small cucumbers for salad.  I think until they get done with the hail shock I am going to have mutant shaped cucumbers but as long as they taste good, I don't care what shape they take.  Just makes it more of a challenge to peel if necessary and cut up.

The tomatoes show no sign of blooms, all plant.  Not holding my breath there.  I do have some cherry tomatoes that have set on so fingers crossed for ripening there.

The green beans are still looking like the losing fighter at an all night underground fight club.  Kind of limp, not quite upright, chunks of leaves missing, but some healing appears to have started  I have not planted any more beans as of now, I think I will see what these do.  I will have plenty of bean seeds for next year.

The new cucumber row and pumpkin rows are looking good.  Even the last chocolate pumpkin vine has new leaves with their pretty stripes growing, almost as big as my hand now. 

I will give everything another week or so and then take pictures to post.  I know there are some of you out there who will be just amazed!!!