Monday, August 19, 2013

Damn Vermin!!!!

Just a few minutes ago I walked through the house to go start the coffee for the hubby.  He works nights.

One of the cats, Nino, was staring intently out the French Doors. . . . .I thought to myself, wonder what he watching out there.  So I walk over to the light switch and flip on the outside lights. 

OMG, you have got to be kidding me - A SKUNK!!!!!  Eating the cat's food right there on my deck with its tail just as fluffy as it could be.  Definitely an adult. 

Well great, I quickly go grab my .22 and come back to the door.  Mr. Skunk does not appear to be bothered by the yard light being on.  So I slowly crack open the door, just enough to slide the barrel of the rifle out pointed right at the skunk.

Check the safety, take it off and pull the trigger -- damn misfire.  Mr. Skunk looks up as if to say, "Hey Dude, you are disturbing my dinner here." and goes back to eating the cat's food.

What the heck.  Hubby loaded me up last time, probably didn't have a shell in the chamber.  OK, so pull the handle to advance the next bullet.  This time I get a shot off.  Not sure where I hit Mr. Skunk, he did not leave a trail of blood but he did scamper off the deck and guess where he went from there? . . . . .

Go ahead, give it your best guess. . . . . .

Did you guess UNDER THE DECK?  Holy cow can you imagine how unbelievably stinking it is going to be out there if that dumb ass Mr. Skunk dies under my deck?  My 14 foot wide by 10 foot deep deck?  We are going to have to come up with a way to get that stupid stinky carcass out from under the deck before the outside cats think it would make a nice fur pillow or worse, eat it.  UGGGHHH!!!!!!

So right now I am scared to open up the door and see if it stinks because that stink seems to hang around a very long time.