Monday, August 12, 2013

Surprise pumpkin patch

Today one of the projects here on the farm was to get the dead air conditioner take to the draw where old metal things like that go for mice and other small creatures to make homes in after we are done using them.  Better they live out there than nearer to the houses or quonset.  So as I was driving out of the draw I suddenly saw what looked to be a squash patch -- leaves, vines, blooms!!  I was so excited I stopped to investigate because this patch didn't look as beat up from that hail storm as my gardens did.  As soon as I stepped out of the truck next to the vines I knew exactly what I had.  PUMPKIN PATCH!!!!  I was so excited and I even found about half a dozen pumpkins.  They have some pits in them from being hit by hail stones, but for the most part looked to be healthy green and getting BIG!!!  I will just let them be and go back at the end of September and see if I have orange pumpkins back there. 

What a wonderful surprise that was today.  Some days it is good to have a surprise and not the kind to set your heart skipping 40 beats but the kind that give you hope and something to look forward to in the near future. 

Of course, Jim's surprise was the mule buck deer we saw in the fresh stubble field.  Full velvet on his rack and had to be at least a 10-pointer, maybe more.  He was quite impressive and of course was high tailing it away from us because he did not like that bright red pickup disturbing his grazing in the stubble field.  He dashed out of the field, across the county road and into the neighbors much taller corn field where he disappeared just like a ball player in the movie Field of Dreams -- into the corn and POOF --, gone.