Thursday, August 8, 2013

Think Franken-cucumber. . . .

It's alive!!! (say it in your best Boris Karloff voice)

My cucumbers have blooms.  I think if I gave them a jolt of frankenstein juice they would come back.  Anyone know where I can get some of that in bulk?  There are no leaves on the vines so they look like little skeletons with yellow spots (blooms) and the pickle cucumbers I picked today look like they were having a contest to see which one could be the fattest and roundest of all.  I guess I have a batch of burger dills coming up!!!  Wonder if the sun will shine for 3 days so I can get a good solar brew?

The squash amazingly are also showing signs of rejuvination.  New growth, new blooms.  I did have to pull one plant up today so it did not make problems for the 2 on either side of it.  It gave its life so the others could live I guess.

I planted another row of cucumbers - they are officially up with their 2 little leaves.  I also planted the last 2 chocolate pumpkin seeds (1 is up) and the rest of my sugar pie pumpkin seeds as well (those are up too).  The pumpkin vines that were damaged have new growth and new blooms.  It is a matter of time and what will happen and if there will be pumpkins to be had in the month of October.

Unfortunately, I fear that the regular tomatoes may not produce anything.  There are no blooms on them, we only found 1 lone tomato and it has not grown or ripened at all.  The 4 cherry tomato plants in the pumpkin patch don't really show signs of much either.  The only ones with fruit are the ones just west of the house by the jose jalepeno pepper plant.  Again, time will tell.