Friday, July 12, 2013

Wheat Harvest 2013

Many of you know what harvest looks like, but there are people out there that have never been this close to a wheat field, and certainly not this close to a combine in the field.  I tried to take a video but it did not transfer over or at least I have not found it on the computer yet so you get the still shots I was able to get today.  We have about 10 acres still out there but the outer part is still green and needs to mature, dry out and ripen and it is in the way of what is ready to pick so we wait, maybe next week we can finish it up. 

The person you see driving the combine is the son of my dad's friend.  They help us with harvest with their combine and truck, and dad helps them with their harvest until it is all done.  However, dad was the only one with wheat this year so the harvest was short lived but we still had the mandatory breakdown of the combine at least once each day we cut.  I had to even get in the grain bin this morning and level off the bin so the dryer fan could do its job on keeping the wheat from holding moisture.

Enjoy the pictures.

This is what the wheat looks like when it is dumped out of the combine into the truck and into the grain bin.  I guess I should have taken some pictures of the auger and grain bin set up, I will try to remember to do that tomorrow when it is cooler.  9 p.m. and still 90 degrees makes for a very hot day, we were over 100 but then again, you ask anyone in NW Kansas and they will tell you that is typical harvest weather.