Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spa Day at the Farm . . . . . who needs their skin?

Who would think that slimy, buggy, slithery things needed a spa day but here on the farm, we have that and we don't charge for the treatments.  Just think what those women on the East and West Coasts pay for a full body sloughing treatment.  Here on the farm we have our own version. . . .

Slid out of your skin:  Snakes do it from tip to tail and just leave what they don't want behind.

And if you look like an alien when you emerge from you might be a locust.  This is a rare sighting here, usually we just see the shell that they leave behind but this morning we actually got to see the process as it happened.  It only takes a few minutes for those wings to dry and for the locust to fly off to be in the trees singing to us tonight.

Who needs a mud bath after seeing that?