Sunday, July 21, 2013

The garden is alive!!!!

Last Thursday I picked 4 regular  zucchini.  I was suspicious and now my suspicions are confirmed that I do not have any yellow saffron summer squash.  Now that I have picked the below, I will be contacting Burpee because 2 of my squash seeds have no produced the fruit they are supposed to which means I got the wrong seeds in the correctly marked package.
Today, I picked 1 squash that is supposed to be a gadzuke but is not. . . The yellow squash are not yellow, they are regular zucchini and I have 2 that will be in a mock apple crunch by this time tomorrow.
I also am starting the cucumber explosion.  I picked 3 very nice ones this evening and have picklers that will be ready to go no later than mid week, so I will be making pickles by the weekend. 

The green beans look FABULOUS and are full of buds.  I suspect we will be picking those by the end of the month.  The pumpkin patches look great and so do the tomatoes, just no fruit yet.  Dad's one jalepeno pepper plant has 3 little jalepenos on it now.