Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy day on the farm

Friday:  Yesterday was mowing around the house and down at the bottom of the road.  Then when I thought I would take a nap, I went out to check in with dad and the harvest progress only to have the wrong shoes and no visor in the 100 degree sunshine, ended up helping him clear the wheat from the tarp to the hopper and into the bin.  My toes were too hot and I knew I had a sunburn starting.  I have so much to get done on Saturday I better get some rest. . . . 

Saturday:  Whew what a day. . . . started out weeding the last of the east garden, got a new soaker hose laid and Jim mulched.  I mowed a bunch around the gardens and have to mow down the side next to the shed so that is on the list for Sunday.  Then Alex and I went to Grandma Edith's house and got all of her boxes in the basement broke down and bundled and in my car, they will go to recycling on Wednesday.  Then I got a bunch of dinner rolls and bread set up to raise for making bierocks later in the afternoon.  79 bierocks later they are in the freezer and Alex will take approximately 70 of them home for late night snacks after work.  Jim helped mom and dad get the new AC put in the dining room window.  Dad and I got the smoked ribs ready for BBQ sauce and in the oven.  I took a few minutes to myself to watch about 1.5 hours of TV then it was bierock production line until Alex and I went to the movie - The Heat - GO SEE IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH!!!!!

3 loads of dishes washed, a load of mowing clothes laundry washed and hung on the line.  Made a new batch of root beer float pie filling and put it in dixie cups with a lot less Cool Whip - very yummy!!!

I think it is time to relax!!!

Tomorrow's schedule includes:  Finishing the mowing, painting the step on the east deck, watering the green beans, mixing up bug spray for the flowers, putting the last of the tomato cages around the cherry tomatoes, and getting my hair colored.  Maybe I will get a nap in the afternoon.