Friday, May 31, 2013

Start out your day relaxed!

Sure it is Friday.  Yes the weekend is coming.  Of course there are still a million things to get done - there always are!  But my suggestion to all of you running in the rat race and going 40 different directions is this. . .

RELAX!!!  Start your day out just relaxing.  Have a cup of coffee or your favorite morning beverage outside on your patio - on the deck for me - or your front porch.  Heck even do it in your comfy robe or favorite lounging clothes or better yet in your sleeping clothes. 

Out here on the farm I get up, throw on an old pair of lounge capris, let the cats out, grab my coffee and just go listen to the morning chorus in the trees, listen to the wind whistle through the pine trees and the cedar trees, listen to the pheasants cackle.  The cats will come and strike up a conversation sometimes, just reporting that all is well on the farm mostly.  Some will follow my lead or am I following theirs of just relaxing on the deck.  After my first cup of coffee I might be inclined to refill it for my last cup of coffee for the day and slip on my flip flops and go take a walk around to check on the garden plots. 

So far no sign of life above the ground but I bet with all the showers we have had that those little seeds are working double time under their blanket of dirt setting up their strong roots for an excellent start to growing above the dirt and then producing an abundance of their yummy fruit for me to pick.  I can't wait until I can start getting some solar pickles going in the jars!

So start your day out relaxed and ease into it.  You will find you have a better day, can handle the chaos of the day and even be able to smile or even laugh at some of the other crazy people that don't know the secrets of how to start the day on the farm. . . .

Have a great weekend everyone,