Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just a small garden. . . .

those were my instructions !

Today Jim and I built fence around the west plot.  We have a gate yet to build but the elements are all ready for assembly and we will do that next weekend.  Soaker hose is down and the layout is ready for planting

After lunch today, I got 7 tomato plants set in the west plot.  In the east plot there will be 4 cherry tomato plants in between the sugar pies and the lumier (ghost) pumpkins.  The final 2 cherry tomato plants are snuggled at the south end of the chocolate pumpkin patch with their friend - Gigantic Jalepeno - no stick!  The pickle cucs are in, the slicers are in and so are the yummy slicers called Bush Cucumbers.  Those will have to be protected once they emerge because the rabbits seem to think that is a nice treat.  I will have the west plot rabbit proofed - I HOPE!!! - when we get the gate made. 

Tomorrow morning the green beans will go in.  I just got to hot being out in the sun today and had enough.  Still trying to cool off and stop sweating 3 hours later, but I blame the humidity, not me working hard.

Next Saturday will be planting of the squash and pumpkins unless dad gets the squash in this week.  There will be gadzukes!, regular zucchini and yellow saffron summer squash.  I think later in July I may be making weekly trips to the farmer's market in town with my abundant crops.

So while the warm dirt and the fresh soaking of water helps the seeds get going this week, it is a wait and see game.  Pictures to come once there is something other than dirt to photograph!