Saturday, October 11, 2014

Update on Pink Pumpkin Fundraiser

11 days into the fundraiser now. 

All but 2 pink pumpkins have been sold, one of those still not sold is still on the vine.  There are potential buyers for them.

Fundraising goal has been surpassed thanks to some very generous donations I have received both online and in person for my pumpkins that include all of my sugar pies I had picked. 

I have 5 Musquee de Provence chocolate pumpkins still trying to turn in the patch.  These are HUGE, at least 12 inches in diameter.  Reserve yours today before the bugs get to it.

So excited about the outpouring of support that we have decided to plant 75 seeds next year, use 3 pumpkin patch spots and have an even bigger sale to surrounding areas with Saturday hangouts in neighboring towns with a trunk load of pumpkins.