Sunday, October 12, 2014

Daisy the Cattle Dog - checking cows

We must begin with last night and our attempt to have Daisy sleep in the dog house with a cattle panel fence.  The first failed attempt came with the realization that she has some Houdini genes because before Larry got around the barn to the bale, here came Daisy running up to him.  That prompted a fence fixing attempt with a board, some staples and some bricks.  So after securing the cattle panel one more time the second failed attempt was proven.  Larry headed up to finish feeding the cows and sheep their hay for the night.  Pretty soon here came Daisy trotting along like she was not supposed to be in her pen with her dinner.  This time her escape route was not evident.  It was either through the bigger openings or possibly even over the top.  This stunt won her an all expenses paid night in the garage.  So her food and water were retrieved from the dog house and a bed was prepared with the sheets that came with her in my car.  Whether she slept on her "bed" or not, we do not know but she did eat and drink some overnight.  She was ready to go this morning when it was time to go do chores.

This morning Daisy could be seen in the barnyard checking out the spring calves as they ate their breakfast.  She did much better this morning helping Larry with the sheep.  When I walked around the corner to go to the barn in the hopes of washing up some crusty kitten faces, Daisy saw me and came running with her tail wagging and a smile on her face.  I think she likes her new farm and family.

After barnyard chores were done, Daisy and I jumped in the pickup with Larry to go check cows.  This involved 4 sets of cows, sometimes Daisy got to get out of the truck and other times we just counted cows from inside the truck.  On the last group, a Sunday plan changing discovery was made.  First, a whole lot of broken fence.  Secondly, cows in the milo field that were making their way back through the broken fence.  Lastly, a number of missing cows and calves in the pasture with the broken fence.  This meant back to the farm to get fence fixing supplies and the 4-wheeler for cattle checking in the deep ravines.

Daisy and I went with the work truck.  She rides so good.  She likes to curl up on the floor board and has a hard time laying on the seat between 2 people in the truck but she can lay down on the seat if she is encouraged to do so.  Daisy and I headed back in the truck with Larry close behind on the 4-wheeler.  We had the gate opened and were headed to the first spot of broken fence when Larry rounded the corner on the 4-wheeler.  There were about 6 spots to fix, sometimes 2 or 3 rows of barbed wire.  Daisy would get out of the truck and do a perimeter check.  The cows were no where to be found where we were working so she just explored the area around where we were fixing fence.  She was checking both sides of the fence and each time we moved we would call for her with a "Daisy, let's go."  She would jump into the truck and sometimes would let me also sit in the driver's seat.  When the fence was all fixed, Larry took the 4-wheeler down over the hill to count cows and calves, believing they were all back in the pasture.  Daisy and I just sat at the top of the hill and waited.  Daisy curled up on the floor board and was napping when Larry finally came back to report all cows and calves were present and accounted for.  She stayed in her spot on the floor for the ride back to the farm. 

The rest of her day was spent napping in the garage during afternoon nap time and helping with evening chores.  She even will put her front paws up on the wall at the end of the stall and watch Fred take his evening bottle which was just as darling as possible.  So ends Daisy's day.  She is tucked inside the garage, was eating her supper and will sleep on her sheets or in her carrier.