Sunday, October 12, 2014

Daisy the Cattle Dog . . . .stories to share

As Daisy was getting familiar with her new farm she was learning about where all the animals were located and checking out animal she had never seen before.  Thus today's story.

The sheep are separated in 2 pens because one group is going to market on Monday.  Daisy and I of course caused a stampede of sorts with the sheep as we walked up to the pens because they are scared of anything new.  It did not take Daisy long to figure out how to run around through an open pen and get to the west side where the sheep were now huddled.  She said something to the sheep, not sure what but they ran back over to the side of the pen where I was standing.  So here comes Daisy, full speed ahead, back around to where I am standing.  So as soon as she got back to me, the sheep took off back to the west side of the pen.  This created a loop where Daisy would run around to send the sheep back to the other end of the pen.  After several trips back and forth I called Daisy and she came running and we let the sheep rest from their laps around the pen.

I knew then that she was going to do just fine and we walked back down to the yard where she then went with Larry to go up to the machine shed and work on getting the combine ready for corn harvest.  She rides very well in the pickup and lays on the floor if no one is sitting in the passenger seat.

Stay tuned, more stories are coming.