Friday, March 14, 2014

Winter BLAHS

I had not realized how long it has been since my last post.  So much is going on and then really nothing is going on.  Such is life in NW Kansas in February and March.  Pretty much we are waiting for spring to arrive and for things to start growing.

On the drive to town today I noticed that more and more wheat fields were starting to green up.  We had a few days last week of upper 70s and that tends to wake those little plants up, shake them to their roots and get them out of their long winter slumber.

Late winter and early spring also means it is time for me to start doing my spring cleaning of the yard which entails trimming back all the Russian Sage plants, cutting back the dried pampas grass, cleaning out the flower beds and making sure the gardens are ready for rototilling.  I actually started this process this past weekend with the burning of one pumpkin patch and burning of all the debris in the burn tank.  I am hoping to get to the asparagus patch next, won't burn that one but do need to do some dirt work there with adding of some salt to the ground.  At least that is what the old timers have told me to do.  If it is not windy, I will likely work on filling the burn tank back up with the rest of the Russian Sage trimmings and pampas grass cuttings so I can burn them down as well.

We had some excitement the other day on the farm.  Dad had purchased all the quarry stone available at the Menards in North Platte and had it delivered on Tuesday.  At 20 cents a piece, it was considerably cheaper than the patio blocks we had planned on using for our next project.  In fact, it was so cheap we got enough that I can line the firewood corral and have a most stable base to walk on and stack on and clean up.  How exciting.  Another project for me.  Pictures will be forthcoming.