Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

I have been taking some amazing pictures of sunrises and sunsets.  Sunsets are easier because I am awake for those.  Sunrises are getting harder for me to get because I just don't get up that early.  So I have all these amazing pictures and started to think, how cool would it be to get a book published with these pictures in them.  The problem is how to do that, where to do that, etc.  I can make a photo book on shutterfly.com or snapfish.com but I cannot mass produce it on those sites for sale at a reasonable rate.

So I am reaching out to my audience to help me figure out how I can do this.  I am thinking people would buy a book of sunrises and sunsets for $9.99.  Surely such an item would make a great gift!  If anyone is at my house you will be able to see the sunrise from January 12, 2014 on the wall in my living room.

Book title:  Sunrises and Sunsets on the Kansas Prairie

I will be posting some of the pictures here very soon and have already shared some on past posts.