Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Cookie Toast

A Cookie Toast to Grandma by her 9 Grandchildren

5 + First, there were the original 5 grandkids growing up together.
2 + Then, we added 2 Roe boys who we got to watch grow up.
2 + Finally, we took in 2 Shreves kids as the family grew some more.
= 9 Grandkids

9 grandkids Grandma had.
90 times the Tupperware container in the frig was opened by each grandchild.
900 batches of chocolate chip cookies were baked with love and joy.
9000 chocolate chip filled cookies enjoyed by everyone.

9 chocolate chip cookies remain from the last batch baked with love and joy.
9 very sad grandchildren gather to share Grandma’s love one final time.
9 final lifts of the creamy white Tupperware container that stored Grandma’s love.