Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Small town Ameria, I love it!

What I love about small town America is that I live in one. Well I don't actually live in town, but even still I love things that can only be found in small town America.

I LOVE. . . . .

- that the grocery store will sack your groceries and take them out to your car for you.

- that the gorcery store workers know what car you drive and will put your groceries in your car before you are done paying for them.

- that someone can park their car to go into a store and get stopped to talk to 5 people before they get across the street to their destination.

- that people will honk at you just for fun when they see you crossing the street.

- that I can learn about my grandpa that died when I was 6 through other's memories of things he said and did.

- being able to know my FedEx and UPS drivers well enough they know where I work in town and they can bring my packages to work instead of my home address clear out in the country if they don't want to drive that far away.

- knowing the old folks in the county and being able to help them out when they need me to.

- getting compliments on my mom and dad by someone who has known them since they were kids.

- that there is a whole group of men and women who meet at the grocery store for coffee and visiting every morning.

- when neighbors actually talk to each other and trust each other enough to have a key to their house in case something is wrong and they need to get inside.

- that I know my mail carrier and he knows he can call me if I have a box to big to leave in the mailbox and I can jump in the car and meet him right away at the mailbox (which is about a mile from the house).

I am sure there are a lot of other things and I could go on for days, but I had just witnessed a couple of these in a matter of minutes so I was inspired to share a little small town loving.