Saturday, December 21, 2013

Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies

All my life, for as long as I can remember, there has always been a creamy white rectangle Tupperware container in the bottom of Grandma Edith's frig.  That is where the most coveted of all treats for us grandchildren have been kept - the chocolate chip cookies. 

So what is so great about this container of cookies in the frig?  It has held love and hugs for 46 years, ready for anyone to have.

Everyone has their traditions, their memories of things from their childhood.  This simple rectangular Tupperware container holds in it my entire childhood.  Even as an adult, the simple act of yelling out to Grandma that I am here as I come in the door, I am taken back to being a kid and the first place I stop is the frig to grab a chocolate chip cookie as I walk through the kitchen.  It is like a step back in time with every bite.

Since moving back home, I have had the rare treat of coming to Grandma's house to find a fresh batch of cookies warm, just out of the oven and cooling, ready to refill that wonderful container.  A few weeks ago I had, unknown at that time, the last opportunity to relish in one of these fresh baked chocolate chip cookies made by Grandma.  It was the last batch she made. 

In the past week as the family was cleaning out the frig and we were having a leftover meal, out came the last of the chocolate cookies, just laid out on a plate like they were store bought.  Up to this point, only some of the grandchildren, 9 not counting the great-grandkids, have been here for their last chocolate cookie from the creamy white Tupperware container.  So naturally, as the oldest grandchild and the only grandchild at the table, I got very defensive about the lackadaisical treatment of the final batch of chocolate chip cookies.  When I finally got it across to my aunts, my mother, and the rest of the family how important these cookies were, there were exactly 9 cookies left.  I managed to secure these 9 cookies and they are safe until they can be shared by the 9 grandchildren at Grandma's funeral dinner. 

I hope my story has given you a chance to find your own memory of your grandma.