Monday, June 30, 2014

Foggy mornings

What does one do when it is wet and foggy in the morning?  I catch up on some much needed house work.

Doing the dishes, making me some breakfast was how I started out.  When I tried to turn on the light in the ceiling fan above the stove I discovered the light was burn out.  So that means I had to turn off the ceiling fat and figure out how to remove the globe cover.  When I turned off the fan I realized the fan needed to be cleaned.  So this set into motion the task of cleaning the fan blades.

1.  Mix water, soap and clorox in the ice cream bucket.
2.  Put sheet over stove.
3.  Grab paper towels.
4.  Wipe off excess dirt and cat hair from fan blades.
5.  Wash fan blades with soapy water and washcloth.
6.  Replace light bulb and cover.
7.  Turn on fan and enjoy a clean breeze.

Now on with the next project which is going to be the firewood corral.