Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sun Tea Season - one of my favorites!

From a secret recipe, the best sun tea brewed is with Lipton gallon sized tea bags, apparently only found at Sam's Club.  I typically make 2 gallons at a time and with me being the only one drinking it, that only lasts me about 5 days so I am doing this procedure once a week at the very least.  Now if there are guests, I suggest one gallon for them and one gallon for me, additional to the regular 2 gallon weekly brew.

Last Monday, May 19 was the first day of Sun Tea Season.  Why so late you ask?  That is because of the secret part of the family recipe and the weather around here not cooperating prior to this point.

Nancy's Perfect Sun Tea
1 glass gallon jar filled with cold well water
1 gallon sized Lipton tea bag

(the secret)  Place outside in a maximum sun spot once the temperature outside exceeds 80 degrees. 
Brew for a minimum of 6 hours.

Yield - 1.5 gallons of the most perfect sun tea ever!

Dilute with more cold well water, do not leave tea bag in the jar, throw away upon removal from sun brewing.  Be sure to rinse the empty glass jar thoroughly.  Once every 3 brews I will wash it with Dawn and Clorox.