Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wild Tumbleweeds - A Brush with Death!

I was viciously attacked, or the car was, just as I crossed the railroad tracks to go out to the house to let the animals outside. It was a rogue wild tumbleweed. I did not realize how much damage was done until I saw the front of my car. There were 2 chunks of tumbleweed stuck in my grill. The darn thing grabbed my grill and vaulted itself over my hood, smacked my windshield (no damage there) and then slid across the hood before I got away. I did not take pictures because I don't think I will bother submitting a claim to the insurance company. I was not hurt in the incident but it sure made my heart skip a beat or two not knowing if that thing was going to come in through my windshield. Please don't worry about me, I managed to keep the car on the road and my heart rate returned to normal very quickly. That is the second time I have been attacked by a wild tumbleweed near the railroad tracks. They must have a den nearby!