Friday, April 11, 2014

A Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

How was your winter?  We really had a dry winter and I was hoping that you would have had some time to send a little extra snow our way.  I know you are busy resting up for Spring and Summer, but please try not to neglect us in the winter.  Our crops, our grass, our flowers, those all need the snow too.  Please try to pencil in a blizzard once a month for NW Kansas next winter, I promise we won't complain about it and praise your generosity after we see the thick mud after it melts.

Spring has arrived.  You never seem to miss the start of this season.  I can tell because my eyes are itchy all the time now.  My nose started its tickle today and I have been sneezing and blowing air all over my computer key board.  I cannot help but wonder if you had sent more Winter to us that maybe that would soften the blow of the nose and the arrival of Spring would be easier to breathe in?  Maybe we should schedule a conference sometime after Halloween but before Thanksgiving to have a brainstorming session on how we can help each other out better this next round.

To that end with the expected increase in bug populations, I have managed to get all the cats equipped with their flea and tick collars so they are protected from your less desirable population.  They are a pretty green collar that is reportedly reflective so when I get home at night I can tell where they are and make sure they all check in before I go to bed.

I am looking forward to Summer because as always, it means gardens, fresh cucumbers, squash and my prized pumpkins for the fall extravaganza on the farm.  I hate to harp on this point, but if we had more Winter, I might not be so worried about the increased bug population that is scheduled to invade my gardens and make my job less enjoyable. 

Dad's wheat looks pretty decent so far but it could really use some nice rains to help it grow and mature.  I know the city people complain feverishly about the rain and the wet roads and the weather keeping them off the golf course when they should be working, but if they want to have bread on their tables, you are going to just have to ignore them and send us some much needed spring rains.  You yourself coined the old adage of "April showers bring May flowers" so bring it on.  It also helps to bring on July wheat.

I have big plans for Fall again this year.  I will not ask you to deter from your usual 50 mph winds as I know it is important for you to help dry the fall crops in the fields and tumble the seeds of all those precious Tumbleweeds across the land.  I am prepared to anchor the ghosts better this year so your winds cannot blow up their poles and behead them like you did last year. 

I have been enjoying your sunrises and sunsets, have even managed to capture a few on my digital camera.  I know I don't give you the proper credit but so much of that is timing and me being able to get the perfect shot that I feel I should take credit in the capture, not the sunrise or sunset itself.

I look forward to visiting with you some evening.  I have noticed that the morning chorus trials are lacking at my house, have the auditions been moved to another location without my knowledge?  I so enjoy the performance in the mornings.  Please consider sending that back to my house before it is too late.

Have a great year!