Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sounds of Fall, literally

This morning I awoke to heavy frost all over everything.  The remaining flowers and cherry tomato plants are now officially dead.

What was amazing was the few minutes I spent standing out on the west deck while my car sat in the sun with the defroster working its magic.

I stood there and heard the most amazing thing.  Snapping, cracking, popping, all those types of sounds.  What was more amazing was watching the sounds occur.  The hackberry tree that sits in mom and dad's yard was dropping leaves.  Each leaf made that amazing sound as it broke from its position on the branch and then quietly, silently fell to the ground, never making another sound once it was released from its hold on the branch.  It was quite possibly the best sound of fall I have ever heard. 

How I have never heard it before is a mystery, maybe I have and just did not take time to register the location of the sound or take time to appreciate the symphony of sound that accompanied the beautiful waterfall of leaves as they gracefully fell to the ground at the base of the hackberry tree. 

I hope this story has inspired you to go listen to the leaves and see what song they sing to you.  I am sure we can find another movement in the winter months to celebrate, but for now I relish the Sound of Fall I was privileged to hear.