Friday, November 8, 2013

Mystery at the museum. . . . . 8th grade version

So yesterday evening my sister calls me from Denver to inform me that I need to assist my young 13yo nephew with his ancient Egyptian project that is due on Monday.   It is a "craft" type of project and there was a whole list of things as options but my nephew was leaning towards a mummy in a sarcophagus.
1st - Good thing my nephew and his dad are coming to the farm or we would have issues with the helping part.
2nd - Thank goodness for the internet where I found a U-Tube spot about how to make a sarcophagus by  Thank you for the inspiration, watching your project helped in so many ways.
3rd - Another thankfulness - I was going to be in McCook Nebraska where the nearest Walmart is located and was able to pick up the necessary things needed to make this project go over the top!  
My inspiration - boys throw things away so let's make it work for the classroom museum but inexpensive and easy at the same time.  A whole loaf of bread really captures the essence of a stone or wood carved sarcophagus. 

So I call my sister to verify this does not need to be stored and endure for all time.  I agree to the project; sure, I can whip something up on practically no notice. Good thing I had to go to McCook today for an eye doctor appt. I stopped at Walmart and got a roll of gauze, 3 bags of assorted jewels and a loaf of bread.

When I got home dad and I got the loaf of bread sarcophagus sliced in half and cored out. Great thing about bread is that it is kind of doughy and still can be formed into shapes. So I shaped me up a body, wrapped it in gauze and called it a mummy.

Now all my nephew has to do is decorate the top of the sarcophagus. I swear if we don't get an A on this project I will never do another project ever!!!!! Check it out.

Of course I will get pictures taken of the finished bedazzled top for you all to enjoy so check back to this post for updates.
 A can of gold spray paint, a bag of jewels and bling shapes has transformed the loaf of bread sarcophagus into an Ancient Egyptian King's sarcophagus.  As soon as we find one that fits!  (yes the inside of the loaf has also been spray painted.

GRADE UPDATE:  Later in the week I got work from my sister that my nephew and I received a 100% on the project and a 96% overall for the class.