Thursday, January 28, 2016

Long winter's nap

Today I thought I should put to words what has been going on and how come I have been so quiet on my blog that I was encouraged to start by so many people.

The pumpkin patch did wonderfully this past fall with over 800 pumpkins harvested, over $1000 raised for breast cancer research and nothing but pure joy for me in watching them grow and bring happiness to so many people in the area.

The garden was over run with grasshoppers but still managed to produce cucumbers, squash and a few tomatoes.  Made some delicious pickles and enjoyed fresh squash off the grill.

I have also been dealing with health issues that have made me turn into a food nazi in such that I have to watch all things I eat which means I have to keep a running track of what I eat, how many carbs are in each piece of food I eat and watching what that does to my blood sugars throughout the day, before I go to bed and after waking up with 8-12 hours of fasting.  Needless to say, I am sick of salads, sick of trying to find ways to make food delicious and filling without the use of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or egg noodles.  At this point nothing really tastes good; not even a Hersheys chocolate bar or a Snickers.  I treated myself to a chocolate cake donut the other morning and that was like melt in my mouth heaven tasting.  My blood sugar did nothing but rise throughout the day!

So in an effort to get back into the blogger saddle, I am vowing to share my story this year more regularly.  I am getting ready to start building a house with a wonderful farmer I met in 2014 after my latest divorce.

So keep tuned in and see what happens here in 2016.  Cats, farm, house building, whatever comes to mind.  I am vowing to be a better blogger in 2016.

Thanks for checking in.