Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miller Moth Murders

A gruesome tale that is relived every June on the farm.  This year seems to be especially horrific due to the shear numbers of invading miller moths that seem to make their way into every sliver of space between a door and the door jamb, the crack of the door in the car, and of course they have ninja powers that gets them into the house when you open the door.

The cats usually are very happy during this season because it gives them live prey to chase.  However even the cats seem to be overwhelmed by the shear number of miller moths.

Every morning I open the french door only to find a new layer of live moths tucked in around the door seal.  Of course, the mere act of opening the door releases the miller moth cloud out onto the deck and invariably some manage to do a 180 and end up in the house.  Flyswatters are strategically placed throughout the house to maximize the murder spree that ensues.  Smacked off the ceiling, walls, windows, curtains, around the night lights and even on the furniture.  No surface is safe from their dirty, nasty selves and once they are killed they leave a horrid mess behind of moth dust.

Usually after the killing season is over, all the curtains get a fresh run in the washing machine.  For the next 2 months or so I will be vacuuming up miller moth carcasses as they seem to fall behind everything.  The cats will find them and have a crunchy snack sometimes.  I guess they taste good enough to them.

This year there was even a swarm off the trees along the driveway as I drove home at night.  That was a bit freaky because it looked like a cloud just launched off the trees and you never knew if they were going to die when they hit the vehicle or if they would just attack it and slither into a crack for a better spot to spend the night.

Thankfully, it is now July 9 and they are no longer found in every crack and crevice.  I don't know where they move on to but all I can say is I am glad the unwanted guests are gone.  Now to clean up what they left behind and dispose of their dead relatives.