Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wind blowing my thoughts right out of my head.

It is that time of year where the wind blows, howls, pushing the ghosts and kicking up the dirt.  A day with little to no wind is but a distant memory.  Couple that with the cooler temperatures and we get what the scientists call the wind chill factor.  We just call it danged COLD!!!  Today is just another prime example of such a windy day.  In fact the wind is blowing so hard it didn't even take a break last night and kept on howling through the night. 

The Halloween House decorations are doing their best to hang on for dear life outside and in fact I have had to park my car right next to the graveyard a couple times now because of the direction the wind is blowing from keeps knocking my grave digger right over and almost into the casket that houses Marcus Z. Karciss (or Marcus the carcass).  

The ghosts on the deck hang on the best they can with the staples in their ends and their heads hanging from the designated hook.  Sometimes the wind make the ghosts fly so hard that they lose their grip and the staple comes out and there goes the ghost's hold onto whatever rafter or 2x6 it is attached too.  Even the spider webbing gets tugged and pulled at by the wind. 

The ghosts down the driveway have fared pretty well.  Although I have had to pull 2 up - one was bent over by the wind with such force it bent the steel pole below ground level.  So far I have not had to go driving around the countryside to retrieve a ghost and prefer to keep it that way. 

The cats prefer to stay inside and nap where it is warm and out of the wind.  Sometimes they try to go outside but are begging at the door to come right back in within just a few minutes.  Kind of like kids.

Tonight we have our first real freeze/frost warning set.  Will be taking care of wrapping the tomato plants with sheets and trying to protect them for another week or so.  I think the garden is officially done but why the tomatoes have to wait so long to mature and ripen is beyond me, so I protect the best I can until as many ripen as possible.  I picked zucchini yesterday in between rain showers.  I think they are essentially done, found a half dozen more monsters so Jim and I will be working on making more mock apple crunch.

So as you can see there is not much happening on the farm this time of the year.  We are in the wind down of the gardens, the wood piling will be starting very soon and then it will be just a wait until deer season and then wait until spring.  Watch the wheat grow and hope it gets covered in a lot of snow between Dec 1 and March 31 so that we can look forward to a bountiful harvest.